15+ ChatGPT Prompts for Job Interview Prep

prompts for job interview prep

Wouldn’t it be great if we all had a personal job search assistant? Someone we could turn to, anytime, for assistance in our careers?

Well, we may not have that at our disposal, but we do have something almost as good: technology. And while it can’t solve all our problems, it can certainly make our lives—and job searches—easier.

ChatGPT is one of those handy tech tools in our metaphorical career tool belts. If you’re heard the buzz around ChatGPT, or tried it already, here’s how you can use ChatGPT prompts for job interview prep.

Best Practices for Using Chatgpt to Prep for a Job Interview

Before you get started with ChatGPT in your job search, keep these general rules in mind:

  1. Avoid sharing confidential company information: If you signed an NDA during your interview process, it’s best to avoid pasting anything confidential or sensitive the company shares with you into ChatGPT, as OpenAI does sometimes collect and save data to improve its model.
  2. Add context: This can be anything from your background or working style to background on the company or role—the more details you provide, the better it can work in your favor. And remember that you can continue the conversation to get a more specific answer, and ChatGPT will learn as you go and build its answers off of everything you’ve said previously.
  3. Trust your gut: Like any tech tool, ChatGPT has its flaws and may not always produce the right answer. If something seems off or you’re uncomfortable following the chatbot’s advice, it’s best to lean on another source for a gut-check, be it a friend, family member, mentor, or career coach.

35 ChatGPT Prompts for Job Interview Prep

Ready to turn ChatGPT into your personal virtual career coach? Try out these prompts for job interview prep.

Prompts for Any Job Seeker

  1. I’m interviewing for [job title] with [company/type of company]. What skills, attributes, or previous experiences are useful to talk about in my interview?
  2. Here’s my resume: [resume text]. What should I bring up in a job interview for a position as [job title] at [company/type of company]?
  3. Here’s my cover letter: [cover letter text]. What should I bring up in a job interview for a position as [job title] at [company/type of company]?
  4. You’re the interviewer for this role: [job description]. Can you come up with 3-5 interview questions based on this job description?
  5. You’re the interviewer for this role: [job description]. What are you looking for in a hire when interviewing them?
  6. You’re the interviewer for this role: [job description]. Conduct a mock job interview for me.
  7. I’m interviewing for [job title] at [company/type of company], and this is part of the job description: [section of the job description in question]. What does this responsibility entail?/How do I showcase this skill in an interview?
  8. Ask me [interview question you want to prep for], and I’m going to provide an answer. Give me feedback on my answer as if you’re the hiring manager: What elements of my story stood out? What pieces were missing? Given interview best practices, what did I do well, and what could I do differently?
  9. I’m interviewing for [job title] and expect to be asked [question you think the hiring manager will ask you]. What’s the best way to answer this question?
  10. How do I best answer [common interview question] if I’m interviewing for a role as [job title] at [company/type of company]?

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