Self-Care Ideas to Help You Reset

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Does anyone else find themselves needing a hard reset, a re-focusing on wellness? But we’re not talking about detox diets or lavish spa days—we need real, sustainable self-care ideas. After these past few years, we are all carrying heartaches that no amount of face masks and bubble baths can heal.

That’s because taking care of ourselves is difficult. Especially if we have other obligations: family, work, pets, bills, homes—the bare minimum can feel excruciatingly out of reach sometimes, and self-care just adds another thing to the list. But we can re-frame our perspective around taking good, true care of ourselves by remembering that self-care is as simple as self-respect. Going to bed early, saying “no” to that second beer, gazing upon something green and lush instead of a taunting cursor on an empty Google doc—these are all simple ways we can practice respecting ourselves.

I’ve learned to sit down on Sundays and plan self-care for the week ahead. For the days I have a lot going on, or know that I’ll be zonked from too many Zoom calls, I schedule something that I *already plan on doing* as self-care, like playing a video game, snuggling my rabbits, or drinking herbal tea. This is a powerful reminder that self-care doesn’t always look like one more thing, but rather it’s a framework that exists already in my daily routine.

Below, you’ll find 99 ideas for taking care of yourself on a budget, because so many of us, in our self-care deficit, are watching our spending this year as well. As you pick a few of the below practices, remind yourself that they’re specifically meant to be caring and nurturing activities. (And when you’re done, be sure to hop to the comments and share what works for you!)

And it’s okay if you feel like you haven’t got it all “quite right.” Some days, I believe I’ve come a long way from self-loathing—and some days I’m right back inside it, engulfed by it. We’re human, and those days happen. Rest up, and try again tomorrow.

At Home Self-Care Ideas

1. Wash your bedding, towels, robes, and curtains. Once you’ve re-fitted them in their proper places, breathe deeply. Remind yourself that stagnancy and sadness aren’t permanent. We all just need a little tumble-dry sometimes.

2. Clear off every surface in your home, and wipe it down. Consider this a practice in clearing away mental clutter.

3. Reorganize your closet with this goal: I want to feel joy when I open this door. This isn’t a chore that needs begrudgingly crossed off your list; it’s engaging your creativity in order to enjoy your daily routines more thoroughly.

4. Change up the layout of your home, even if it’s just nudging the couch a little to the left. Disrupt your flow in a positive and proactive way.

5. Clean out your purse or everyday bag.

6. Wipe the leaves of your houseplants to give them a lovely shine. Place them in the sunshine, and while you’re at it, sit in the sunlight with them. Soak it in.

7. Create a meditation corner.

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