5 Ways to Make Your CRE Resume Stand Out

You know the job you want, and you’re ready to start applying and interviewing. But hold up just a minute. In a high-stakes field like commercial real estate, you don’t want to just be one of the pack. You want to shine. So, how do you make your CRE resume cut through the background noise and really pop?

Whether you’re just beginning a career in CRE or you’re a highly experienced veteran in the industry, you’ll face stiff competition. So, the old practices of listing your previous jobs along with some references and a blurb about being a “self-starter” just won’t cut it.

Let’s look at five simple but powerful ways to improve your resume and land the interview. These are tried and proven methods to make you stand out. Of course you want to be the most qualified for the job, but the way you present your qualifications can give you the lead in a close race. So, follow these helpful tips to write a highly effective CRE resume that will turn heads and get hiring managers to pick up the phone.

1. Make It a Tailored Fit.

It’s absolutely essential in the CRE industry that you customize your resume to each role. I know it’s extra work. But it’s worth it. Why? Because it absolutely works. Instead of blasting out the same resume to 30 different jobs, identify the handful that matter the most, and target them hard.

Align your specific skills and experiences with the specifics in the job description. Think of the JD as the question and your resume as the answer. Show exactly how you are the candidate who meets their unique needs and can hit the ground running.

2. Design Strategically.

If 5-10 resumes are sitting on a hiring manager’s desk, which one is most likely to get picked up first? The one with the most attractive design, of course! But just what makes for an attractive and effective design?

No, we’re not talking about full-color graphics and pie charts. Think strategically. Your resume should have a clean and tidy look, so it’s easy to read. But it should also emphasize key achievements and skills by sparing use of bold fonts, bulleted lists, and proper spacing that sets things apart. If it’s easy to read and absorb, it will stand out and make an impression.

3. Emphasize Education.

It’s simply not enough to list where you went to school and what degree you earned. Everyone does that. What truly stands out is continuing education. It not only shows you’re an expert, but it shows you care about growing.

Whether it’s a course in property management or a certification in commercial investment, list any and all ongoing learning activities or certifications you’ve invested in. This communicates to a hiring manager that you’re proactive, you adapt, and that you have the traits to stay on top in the fast-paced world of commercial real estate.

4. Always Be Branding.

When crafting your CRE resume, always think about your professional brand. After all, brands have value. And thinking of your resume as a tool to brand yourself for your dream CRE job will help you write in such a way that associates strategic messaging and value propositions with your name.

And really, everything contributes to or detracts from your brand. The educational choices you listed say something about you. Your clean and neat resume layout and design communicate something, as well. The words you use, the attention to detail, the skills and traits you include – all of it – sets you apart and defines your unique brand.

5. Network, Network, Network.

Not only should you network in your job search, asking everyone, “Who do you know?” or working with a recruiter. But you should also list all of the key network groups and associations you’re in to give your CRE resume the strength of numbers.

You aren’t just you. You’re a member of peer groups and professional pools that amplify and compound your value and demonstrate how much potential you as a professional really have.

So, there you have it! A well-crafted resume is so important in commercial real estate and any industry. Don’t just wing it. Implement these steps to give your job search the best possible chance.


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