How to Brand Yourself for Your CRE Dream Job

Do you have your eyes on the ideal CRE position, but don’t know how to brand yourself as the perfect fit? You might be wondering how to get the attention of the hiring manager or guarantee that your resume will win you an interview. Or perhaps you’ve applied to numerous companies and can’t seem to land an interview with the ones that matter.

What’s the secret? What does it take to position yourself for the commercial real estate job you want?

The Power of Personal Branding

As businesses already know, branding is a powerful tool for distinguishing your value from that of your competitors. It’s all about strategically associating key messaging with your name. Branding encompasses not only brand awareness – getting on the radar – but also brand value. Organizational branding in CRE is huge, but personal branding is just as powerful.

Each time a resume comes across a hiring manager’s desk, a first impression is made. Perhaps there isn’t enough information to make a positive impression, or perhaps the information is simply unimpressive. Either way, this is a missed opportunity for branding.

But when a hiring manager has enough relevant information to understand the value you can bring to the organization, your chances of landing that interview are much higher.

How to Brand Yourself for CRE:

First, determine what your ideal career path is and who you want to work for. Perhaps this is a re-brand for you, and you’re switching from the brokerage side to CRE investing. Or maybe you’ve been in the industry for some time but only recently became serious about future advancement. Now is the time to nail down exactly what you want and where you’d like to be in the next few years.

Next, identify the top three-five organizations you’d like to work for. Absorb everything you can about their company cultures, missions, values, and uniqueness in the market. Become a superfan. Network with anyone you can who currently works there or your local recruiting resource to make an introduction. Don’t overlook employees who aren’t in the C suite. Any connection is a potential key to the inside track.

Then, identify the key points of value you can bring to these companies. What attitudes, experiences, and training of yours uniquely meshes with their goals? If need be, update your certifications or take additional training. Then, craft a branding statement for your resume that speaks directly to each target organization (tailor this statement for each application). In a nutshell, tell the story of you and the future contributions you can make to directly impact the organization’s objectives.

Next, get serious about your digital footprint. Google yourself to ensure your online record accurately reflects your career focus. Curate and share quality content in your space. Build a community around this content. Share your successes and accomplishments. Update your LinkedIn profile to emphasize the key points of value you offer these companies. A professional headshot is a must.

Once You’re Ready, Go for It!

The last and most important step is to put yourself out there. You’ve taken the steps to brand yourself for your ideal CRE job. So, don’t hide your brand under the proverbial bushel. Start making some noise.

Sharing with others invites them to share with you. This is the essence of a vibrant and strong network of contacts. And in a healthy network, asking for referrals and reaching out to contacts in these target organizations is completely natural. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, tell your story, and ask for that interview!

With a strong plan in place and an emphasis on clearly connecting your value to their goals, you’ll successfully stand out in a crowded field of candidates. For additional help branding yourself for the CRE industry, get in touch with our career experts.

Locally in San Diego, Building Careers is working in conjunction with NAIOP to kick 2021 off with a personal branding Lunch & Learn, so be on the lookout for details!

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