10 Good Reasons To Change Jobs Every 3 To 5 Years

Most of us crave security and can rationalize it in a job. The best way to improve your skills and to challenge yourself is to explore opportunities that fill all of your motivations. Here are 10 good reasons to explore more relatively frequent job changes.

1. Learning a new work environment and dynamics exponentially strengthens your internal consulting skills.

2. Changing roles allows you to be more adept at recognizing rewarding vs. toxic workplaces and how to identify the healthier structures.

3. More frequent job changes provides you with more real-life success examples for other potential interviews down the line.

4. Exposure to a new company maintains and grows your professional network.

5. Job hunting allows you to practice and refine your professional brand.

6. When you focus all your professional energy on doing a good job for one employer, your focus turns to internal politics. Entertaining other opportunities every few years keeps you attuned to the world outside your cubicle walls.

7. When you job-hunt every three to five years, you know your market value.

8. When you experience new companies every few years, you get used to picking up new protocols, procedures, strategies and practices quickly.

9. When you get stuck in place at one job, you fall out of practice interviewing.

10. When you change jobs more often, you realize that there are a lot of people in the world and not all of them need to approve of you. That’s okay. You don’t need the whole world to love you. You only need to find the people who get you — and thus deserve your talents!

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10 Good Reasons To Change Jobs Every 3 To 5 Years

Originally published by Liz Ryan in Forbes on December 19, 2016

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