Insights and Tips For Job Seekers in 2017

It looks good for job seekers exploring employment opportunities in San Diego this year and the news comes from some of the best recruiters in town – Brett Wayne, Managing Director at Cypress HCM, Jeff Prekker, CEO at BioPhase Solutions, Kat Zorko, Director of Business Development at Sayva Solutions, and Nicole Sutton, Founder at Nexus Search Group, LLC. A big thanks to these impactful recruiters for taking the time to share your expert insights and advice…

How does it look for job seekers in 2017?

Brett: It should be a great year to search for a new position. The demand for top talent far outweighs the supply, which makes for a good situation for job seekers. This is especially true in the technology sector where companies are putting a premium on identifying talent to build out their teams.

Jeff: Definitely a candidate-driven market out there currently.

Kat: In regards to accounting and finance, employment outlook is positive for 2017. Unemployment remained low at the end of 2016 in San Diego, and skilled professionals remain in demand. San Diego’s larger employers continue to hire at a steady rate through growth, special projects, and movement while small to mid-size companies continue to provide opportunities. Potential challenges this year include shakeout from the election and how that impacts funding and IPO potential for employers as well as the continued effect of employers moving headquarters out of San Diego.

Nicole: Continue to be a demand for those with experience in bio-tech, health care and real estate. More opportunities for advancement as baby boomers continue to retire. More opportunities in San Diego’s strong and thriving start-up community.

What would your #1 piece of advice be for someone looking to change jobs in 2017?

Brett: Although it is a great time to be a job seeker, simply applying to online posts is not the best approach and should be a last resort. A better option is to network and utilize former colleagues or connections to introduce you to hiring managers and/or internal recruiters at the companies you would like to work. Another good option is to go through recruiting firms because they will be able to get your resume to the top of the pile and ensure the right set of eyes are reviewing the resume. If discretion is important and you don’t want to post your resume on Dice, Monster or Indeed, you can build out your LinkedIn profile and savvy recruiters will take that as a sign that you might be interested in hearing about new opportunities.

Jeff: Put a lot of thought into what your ideal position is and try to find something as close to that as possible. Put a good amount of thought into how you articulate why that particular position and organization are a great match for both the employer and for you.

Kat: Network! Do not rely on online applications to be the source of your next job. Build relationships and find ways to partner with people that will be mutually beneficial. Do not wait until you need a job to initiate this as well. Networking requires an investment of time and energy that can yield long-term results. I also recommend finding ways to differentiate yourself on your resume, your LinkedIn profile, your interview style, etc. San Diego in general is a competitive, saturated market given that it is an ideal place to live, so it requires a constant effort to stand out to be considered amongst your peers.

Nicole: Find a mentor in your particular field. Spruce up your social media presence – make sure your LinkedIn profile is updated and professional. Get out there and meet people! Networking is still the key to finding your next position. Work with a recruiter who not only knows your industry but your town too!

Any tips on how a job seeker can make himself/herself stand out

amongst the hundreds of 2017 resumes?

Brett: Building out a clean resume that is easy to read and highlights your most relevant skills is a great place to start. Recruiters and hiring managers spend about 15-30 seconds scanning resumes before moving on to the next one so it needs to be clear and concise. Once getting to the interview stage, it is important that you are prepared and do a lot of research on the company, position and interviewer.

Jeff: Find an internal employee that you know and have him/her talk to management and/or HR about you. Ideally mention that connection when applying.

Kat: Customize your resume to whatever job you are pursuing. Draw attention to related skills, experiences and accomplishments. Use powerful, strong wording and make your resume show what value YOU bring to an organization. Complement the resume with a strong LinkedIn profile and of course make sure there are no errors on either.

Nicole: Tailor your resume to the specific job you are applying for. Get as many buzz words in your resume as possible.

Meet the Experts – Some of the best recruiters in San Diego:

Brett Wayne, Managing Director at Cy
Jeff Prekker, CEO at BioPhase Soluti
Kat Zorko, Director of Business Deve
Nicole Sutton, Founder at Nexus Sear

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