Five Key Takeaways from 2016…

December is the time when we tend to reflect on the past year, both personally and professionally. I celebrate achievements, refresh my mind on lessons learned and gain inspiration for the year ahead. These days, I find the lines between personal and professional are blurring, and I believe our lives are richer and more fulfilling because of it.

As I share with you my takeaways from 2016, I want to thank the extraordinary community who helped create and share these experiences with me.

Be Authentic The professionalism and integrity of our clients is an absolute inspiration. Reaching out to recruiters and asking for recruitment help takes thoughtful wisdom and the courage to be transparent. Our clients and our candidates told us what they were looking for and were honest with themselves and with us about their needs, their capabilities, and what was important to them. As a result, my team was in a better position to swiftly match candidates to open opportunities and create longstanding relationships. Authenticity is a core pillar of Building Careers’ culture and allows us to connect with everyone that we interact with on a more genuine level.

Be Proactive In April, we celebrated the one-year anniversary of Building Careers. The first year was a busy one and it felt like it flew by! Something that helped me (most of the time!) maintain the “business start-up” pace was to always stay several steps ahead in anticipating my clients’ needs. I also provided them with the type of communication and feedback that I, myself, would like to receive in their position. It ensured that I consistently came to the table with recommendations for new opportunities and had addressed any challenges before they could arise.

Empower Others Learning how to manage a team is easier said than done and an ever-evolving journey in my eyes. Recruiting Consultant, Julia Turpit, joined Building Careers this year. While she made the whole process of handing over some of my responsibilities to her rather seamless, what I did witness is this: As I put more of my trust in Julia, her performance only got better and she was (and is) more successful in her role. You will be seeing more of her in 2017!

Take a Breath Only good things can come from taking a step away from a situation before reacting. When I took a few deep breaths or went for a quick walk, I was able to approach my next moves with clear intentions and open-mindedness to the needs of my clients and candidates. Those moments gave me the time and space to refine my client solutions and remember to be present in that given moment.

Appreciate all of it Sometimes we get so caught up with the end goal that we forget to appreciate the day-to-day moments that get us there. Matching employers with job seekers is a process and it’s in that process that I get to form bonds with many amazing individuals, teams and companies. This year, my team and I helped a finance associate relocate to be closer to his family and helped another manager fulfill her dream of living in sunny San Diego. For one company, we were able to grow their team and company reach by fifty percent. When the day comes that a placement is made, I am excited for all parties involved but also don’t take for granted what it took to achieve the positive outcome and the amazing network around me and my team that played a part.

Five Takeaways from 2016 | Appreciate all of it

-By Carly Glova, President and Executive Recruiter at Building Careers

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