Secrets to San Diego’s Urban Appeal

This article is timely as a lot of the conversations that I have had with job seekers lately stem from frustration around the gap between San Diego’s cost of living and salaries that companies are offering. Even more interesting is the salary gap between the San Diego market and our Orange County neighbors to the north. Depending on the position, salaries in Orange County can range up to 30-40% more than what employers are willing to pay in San Diego where the cost of living is arguably on the same level. It seems as though local companies are stuck in 2009 target salary ranges even though there are signs that our economy is heading the right direction. Just look around at the amount of development, redevelopment, and real estate transactions taking place in our own San Diego backyard.

San Diego Downtown Skyline

The high scores that San Diego received regarding taxes and electric bills were slightly surprising, but with the cost of living so high, it makes sense that San Diegans are great budgeters.

Not much else on this list of what makes San Diego a desirable city to live in should shock you. The culture, amenities, access to healthy food and outdoor activities, not to mention the beach, all make for a city that has seen a massive influx of people in the recent years. The abundance of young people perpetuate the city’s energy, and there is never a shortage of new restaurants or breweries to explore.

Check out the article here: Secrets to San Diego’s Urban Appeal

Originally published by Carrie Rosenfeld in Globe St. on August 12, 2015

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