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travel while working remotely

One of the best parts about being able to travel while working remotely is you can work anywhere you can bring your laptop and find a secure internet connection. This superpower allows remote employees to travel more and digital nomads to live like locals in new locales for as long as they please. 

Though the pandemic may have put a damper on this perk over the last few years, more people are working remotely now and eager to start traveling again.

The only downside? If you’re not prepared to work remotely while traveling, you could set yourself up for a stressful getaway.

That’s why we’re sharing everything you need to know about working remotely and traveling like a pro in this guide. But before you start looking for cheap flights, let’s start with WHY it’s important to plan.

Why You Need a Plan

Whether you’re taking a bucket list vacation or going out of town unexpectedly, it can be challenging to work remotely while traveling. 

You won’t have the cues of your regular routine and workspace to get you in the productive zone. And the novelty of a new destination and all its distractions can easily tank your ability to focus. That’s why it’s best to create a game plan before leaving. 

Sure, you may be tempted to wing it and take a relaxed approach to your time away. But if you don’t prepare for all the nuances of travel and work ahead of time, you may not get to do as much sightseeing, parasailing, or feasting as you’d like.

Seven Tips to Travel While Working Remotely

Follow these seven tips, and you’ll be able to make the most of your work day and maximize your time off:

1. Decide If You’ll Be Checking In or Checking Out

Unlimited vacation days are one of the best company benefits every remote team should get. But this time off might come with a few caveats for checking in, especially if you’ll be traveling for a while.

So look over your company’s work policy to see what’s expected of you. Speak with your managers to see how many hours you’ll need to clock in, how often you’ll need to touch base, how you’ll manage your remote team, etc.

Working this out ahead of time lets you flex your flexibility, adaptability, and resourcefulness, all transferable skills that make you look like a pro.

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