3 Soft Skills You Need to Land a Remote Job

The pandemic has permanently changed the professional culture. While many companies offered some flexibility and remote work options before the COVID-19 crisis, the pandemic accelerated that trend.

What that means for employees, job seekers, and soon-to-be grads is that remote work skills are key abilities to master. Here are three soft skills you need to land a remote job.

Soft Skill #1: Improve Self-Management Abilities

Even if you have an excellent manager directing your big picture moves, you must be organized and self-directed to be a strategic remote operator. That means procuring the supplies, tools, resources, and work environment that it takes to feel comfortable and focused.

If you want to land a remote job, it’s on you to make the arrangement work-troubleshooting challenges and manage them deftly so they don’t interfere with your ability to produce. Making this work means navigating the unique challenges to the arrangement and managing those as they surface.

Soft Skill #2: Expand Your Communication Skills

When you’re a remote employee, communicating clearly, concisely, and comprehensively is a “must-have.” Part of this awareness understands when a written message will get the job done and when you need to grab the phone and talk something, through.

When you are preparing written correspondence, recognize that those grammar rules that our high school teachers emphasized are not just an exercise in fussiness. They’re all about clarity. They show your reader how to make sense of the ideas you’re shaping.

Because remote operators rely so heavily on written correspondences, it pays to take a refresher course so that you can communicate with confidence. Grammarly and Grammar girl are a couple of helpful resources. Land that remote job and go the extra step in investing in on of the platforms.

Soft Skill #3: Be a Self-Advocate

When you telecommute, and the rest of your team is in the office, sometimes you can feel less visible than your colleagues, even when you’re doing great work. It’s on you to make yourself, and your needs are known. Working remotely benefits both you and your employer, so you don’t have to feel sheepish about your set-up. Expect to be treated just like any other employee.

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