4 Reasons to Use LinkedIn

Most people who are part of the business world—and some who aren’t—have a LinkedIn profile. At some point, they likely heard that it was important to join and use LinkedIn for networking and, if necessary, finding a new job. As such, they spent a few minutes and signed up for a free account.

But once you’ve taken that relatively simple step, is it worthwhile to keep using LinkedIn? Or is it just another social media platform that has the potential to waste more time than it’s worth? Here are four reasons to use LinkedIn.

Reasons to Use LinkedIn

1. Easy Way to Network

Especially if you’re not much for small talk with people in person, LinkedIn can help you build a virtual network of contacts. While it’s easy to lose a business card, a connection on LinkedIn will always be there. This could prove valuable if you are looking for a job at some point in your career.

2. Active Recruiters

Whether you’re actively searching for a job or not, LinkedIn is a great way to connect with recruiters. Up to 87% of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn to find active and passive job search candidates, and 35.5 million people have been hired by someone they connected with on LinkedIn.

3. Research Businesses

LinkedIn is also a great way to research companies before you apply and interview for a position. By looking over a company’s LinkedIn page, you can learn a lot about its culture, mission, and even hiring trends.

4. Supportive LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn offers interest-based and professional groups, which can be a great place to connect with others. You can start a discussion, offer your insights, or simply ask for help.

Joining groups can also help you grow your network and connect with people you wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to meet.

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