A Guide to Job Hunting While You’re Still Employed

Job hunting while you’re still employed is tricky. On the one hand, you’re more attractive to potential employers if you already have a job. On the other, one false move and you could end up being fired or, at the very least, sully your reputation in the marketplace. Here’s how to best conduct a job search while you’re still employed.

1. Explore Options Where You Are

A big thing you want to consider first is why you’re thinking of leaving, and explore options for improving your situation where you are. Doing so will depend on the level of trust that exists between you and your manager; don’t go overboard and start telling everyone at the office.

Think about what’s frustrating you at your current job and consider whether or not some changes could make things better. Would remote work or a few days of telecommuting improve your outlook? Could you move to a different department? What can you do to make your current work situation more enjoyable and rewarding? If the answer is no, or if changes aren’t an option, it’s okay to start looking elsewhere.

2. Consider Being a Boomerang Employee

If you left a previous job on good terms, it’s worth getting in touch with former coworkers to see whether there are new opportunities available. You won’t need as much time for onboarding, are already familiar with the company’s technology and culture and can often contribute much more quickly.

It’s also possible to “boomerang” with companies that didn’t hire you. If you’d interviewed with an organization in the past, or received an offer and turned it down, it’s worth revisiting those connections.

3. The Right Timing of Job Hunting

If you’re trying to land a job while you’re still employed, you need to minimize the competition for available roles; that means getting the timing of your search exactly right. Towards the end of summer is a prime time to start your search.

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