How to Ask for a Raise Made Simple

Asking your manager for a raise can be nerve-wracking, so much so, that some people wait for months or even years before asking for a raise they deserve.

The truth is, there’s nothing wrong with asking for a raise that reflects the hard work that you do, but there are some approaches and best practices that will always get better results than others.

Even though your manager has data on the hard work you’ve been doing, you still need to present your case for why you deserve a raise and you need to be prepared to negotiate through effective business communication. We’ve made it simple and broken down how to ask for a raise. And it all starts with preparing!

Prepare to Ask for a Raise

You should never ask for a raise without preparing for this conversation. No matter how good your relationship is with your manager, they will be expecting you to prove that you deserve the salary you’re asking for and won’t respond favorably if it seems like you did not prepare.

Build your Case – Look back to recent projects and periods of time where you went beyond what was expected and provided real value for your company. Always use specific performance data when possible. Also, having your job description in front of you and pointing out how your current role is elevated or you’ve gone above and beyond will tangibly justify your raise.

When to Ask

Picking the right time to ask for a raise is just as important for preparing for this discussion. Find out when your company’s fiscal budget planning takes place so you can be sure that you aren’t asking for the impossible. A few great times to ask for a raise are:

Annual Performance Reviews – A natural time for this conversation may be at your annual performance review, when the topic of salary is not only timely, but often expected.

After Completing an Important Project – A great time to ask for a raise is after successfully completing an important project or showing excellent work.

When your Manager is Happy – Asking for a raise during of a stressful or hectic period will guarantee that your manager is short on time and patience. Wait to ask for a raise until the dust has settled and you have, once again, proven your worth.

How to Ask for a Raise

After preparing your evidence for why you deserve a raise and choosing a good time to talk to your manager, it’s important to think about what you’re going to say during your raise conversation.

You don’t need to have a strict script, but you do need to be clear and specific in your delivery to help set you up for success. It also helps to have a few phrases up your sleeve to help guide the conversation.

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