How to Have a Successful Job Interview Via Video Conference

The coronavirus is changing the way we conduct our professional lives. Studies have found that more than half of professionals in the U.S. are now changing their in-person meetings to either phone or video. Many recruiters and hiring managers are switching to in-person interviews to video for health and safety reasons.

While the questions and conversations are likely to be the same, there are some differences between interviewing in-person versus through a digital screen. If you’re in the process of getting ready for a job interview on video, here are some best practices to get you set up for success.

Check Your Internet Connection

Check your internet connection speed to help ensure your video will come across smoothly. It’s also a good idea to download the virtual meeting tools that are used to conduct interviews, like Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts, which are currently being made available for free test runs. Before your video interview, make sure your interviewer has your cellphone number in case you need to conduct the interview over the phone. If something does go wrong, try to relax and–if you can–make light of the situation. How you behave under stress is an important signal to your interviewer.

Arrange Your Interview Space

If you’re doing the interview from home, choose a quiet, well-lit space with a neutral background. It’s important to remember that video interviews give a peek into your personal life, so make sure that your space is clean and free of distractions. If possible, keep pets and family members in another room during the interview. Turn off all your phone and computer notifications. One of the benefits of virtual interviews is that you can have resources around you, so consider having a few large note cards at hand that highlight why you’re the right person for the job.

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