How To: Stand Out in an In-Person Interview

So you made it past the application, the phone interview…congratulations! Now you’re probably wondering how to stand out in an in-person interview? Coco Chanel says, “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” Sure, conventionality is safe and familiar, but is it memorable? Not always. But here’s a secret: they’re not mutually exclusive. You can be a traditionally professional candidate while still infusing extraordinary aspects to your interview. Be bold with your approach, and aim to not only be the most memorable candidate, but the best one too. Here are some ways to stand out in an in-person interview that the Building Careers RE team loves!

Stand Out in an In-Person Interview

Nail The “Tell Me About Yourself” Question

This will be one of the first questions you receive, and it’s a stellar opportunity to set the bar really high. Many people struggle with this expansive question, but if you can craft a narrative that speaks to your strengths, experiences, and interest in the job, you will be five steps ahead of the competition.

Find a Common Interest

Connecting on something in common is a great way for your interviewer to remember who you are. If you find a shared interest in documentary films, or maybe a love for a preferred app, take the time to make this connection clear. Just be aware of when it’s time to move on.

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