8 Job Interview Questions Companies Will Ask You

Preparing for job interviews can often feel like an impossible task. With so many potential questions that an interviewer could ask you, how can you realistically practice answering each one? The good news is that most interviews are based on a cache of basic questions that you’re almost certain to be asked in one form or another. These are questions to determine who you are, why you’re interviewing at the company, and what you will bring to the role.

“In the job interview, you are literally auditioning for a new role,” writes Cathy Salit in the Harvard Business Review. “Like any good performer, you need to practice in advance,” she says. Use the tips here to craft your authentic response to commonly asked interview questions. Think about related questions that these answers could also be used for. Then take the time to craft a full response and rehearse saying it out loud — practice makes perfect!

1. What Interests You About This Position?

This is one of the most important questions you’ll be asked, so feel free to really think this one through. This is basically your chance to show the interviewer why you’ll be a perfect fit for the role, and what about the role and company attracts you. To give a full answer, you can tell an anecdote about how your background has led you to applying for this position, and how this role is critical for moving you forward in your career.

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