Stuck In Your Career? Here’s How To Stop ‘Proving’ And Start ‘Improving’ Instead

Putting some thought into whether you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset can help you understand why you may be stuck in your career. The ability to take and apply feedback to improve your performance is essential in growing and succeeding in your career.

“Based on overwhelming research confirming that it is much easier to change a person’s behavior than to change their attitudes, we’d recommend that anyone wanting to move toward a growth mindset begin by asking for feedback from colleagues. Start with small doses and gradually increase the amount and frequency. You will learn that the information you gain is beneficial, and that your willingness to ask for feedback elevates you in the eyes of others.”

Read the article here: Stuck in Your Career? Here’s How to Stop ‘Proving’ and Start ‘Improving’ Instead

Published by Joseph Folkman in on Oct 13, 2019,

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