Is Your Company a Good Place to Land? Why We Love Evangelizing What You Do

2019 looks strong for companies wanting to hire this year. There are many qualified candidates in the market eager to find amazing organizations to join. Just think. It could be yours… and they might just not know it yet! That’s where your recruiter comes in. And I don’t make the point because it’s what we do here at Building Careers, I say it because each and every day I witness what a recruiter can do in finding the right people for organizations and the success that comes from a great match.

We love talking about your company and have the exciting task of working for companies that we truly believe in and whose values we share. And when your company has a great, healthy, communicative culture representative of your vision and you share it with us through our process, even better! We are excited and motivated to work with and help your company which, in turn, allows us to uncover outstanding candidates to perpetuate that powerful culture and passion for the industry. I recently had a conversation with a hiring manager who mentioned that he is always looking for ways to lift the team up and give them compliments and pats on the back (even his boss)! These are the types of companies we are lucky enough to represent and we strive to generate this same level of enthusiasm for your open positions.

Here are 4 tips for working with your recruiter this year.

Think of it as a Partnership

The kind of relationship you have with your recruiter will set the foundation for success. Know what you want from your recruiter. More importantly, do you connect with them and do they share the same core values and appreciation for the kind of company culture that you do? We can be in it for the long-run if you are, because it’s more time and cost efficient and when haven’t you had a hiring need in your company? It’s the business environment we live in.

Establish Mutual Respect and Collaboration Trust us, communicate with us and quite frankly be kind to us (and to yourselves for that matter!) as we work through the process of setting the foundation to go out and find the best professionals to complete your teams. It can be tedious at times. I get it. Thinking it through upfront goes a long way in finding team members that will be successful in their role and have the desire to stick around long-term. The more we know and understand you, the more effective we will be in matching you with job candidates. And if this is the way you treat us, we can’t wait to see how appreciated our candidates feel when they join your ranks.

Optimize Recruiter Resources

Use everything we’ve got! We offer you the expertise and support to help you determine just what it is you are looking for in a job candidate. Then we are a direct line to an eclectic network of job candidates. Even if it takes a week or more, we’re working around the clock to find one for you and utilizing every recruiter tool and resource out there on your behalf.

Appreciate the Relationship As in every aspect of life, what you put into the relationship will be what you get out of it. At the end of the day, we’re trying to increase the value of your team and as such we become an extension of it. The right recruiter will show and tell you how they appreciate your business and they will love to hear that you feel the same. Feedback only helps us get better at what we do for you and mutual respect will create a business relationship that only produces positive outcomes.

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