2019 Job Outlook and Where The Jobs Will Be

A tight labor market combined with a hiring sentiment projected to be the highest it has been since the Great Depression is makes for a very favorable job market.

Positive Hiring Market Outlook | 2019 Job Outlook

According to Manpower’s Economic Outlook Survey, net employment is 20%, a 1% increase from both the first and final quarters of 2018.

Specific to real estate and construction, nationwide, the seasonally adjusted net employment outlook in the construction sector is 23%.

95 of the 100 metro areas surveyed have a strengthening outlook, which is good news for job seekers looking for the next steps in their careers. Bring on 2019!

Read the full summary and find the survey here: Where The Jobs Will Be In 2019

Published on Forbes.com by Vicky Valet on December 19, 2018

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