Webinar: It’s a Candidate’s Job Market: How to Succeed In It

In September, Carly collaborated with her alma mater to host a webinar specific to the current candidate’s job market. If you weren’t able to attend, please view the webinar in the link below.

Webinar: It’s a Candidate’s Job Market: How to Succeed In It

How to Stand Out in a Candidate's Market | How Candidates Can Succeed | How Companies Can Thrive and Hire Well

Carly Glova is the Founder and President of Building Careers, an executive search firm serving the commercial real estate world. Having determined that no executive recruiting firms in San Diego focused exclusively on supplying talent to the commercial real estate industry, Carly decided to take a risk and establish a firm that would have this specific market focus. In transitioning to recruiting, Carly used her affinity for and knowledge of the commercial real estate industry to make a difference in other people’s careers and inspire both employees and companies to succeed. What does a candidate-driven job market mean for me? What does it mean for my company? Feeling stuck or conflicted in your career choices or having trouble assessing or fulfilling the motivations of potential new hires? This increasingly prevalent market trend affects hiring and career decisions and adds a sense of urgency to the process. Carly aimed to prepare employers and employees alike for how to handle hiring and how to stand out in this war for talent. Check out her tips and tricks on how to crack a candidate’s market!

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