The Secret to Retaining Employees

Once Building Careers is able to find your team the perfect employee, here are a few tips and tricks to keep them engaged, motivated, and productive for the long-haul.

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Author Rieva Lexonsky notes that it is getting harder and harder to retain employees. 36 percent of survey respondents say their companies have had problems retaining employees in the past 12 months. That’s up significantly from 2013, when just 26 percent had this problem.

What can you add to your company’s offerings to retain quality employees? Benefits! These most effective benefits package includes:

  1. Healthcare benefits
  2. Retirement plans
  3. Flexible work arrangements

How does your company’s retention strategy stack up?

Originally published in All Business by Rieva Lesonsky.

Read the full article here: The Secret to Retaining Employees

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