Want to Be Happy and Successful? Read this!

“When you’re happy, then you’ll find the success you’re looking for.” – Peter Economy.

Happiness is such a nebulous idea and something that I definitely struggled to get comfortable with. Starting Building Careers didn’t happen in a night and the process of turning this life-calling into a business only happened after nearly a year of personal and professional soul searching. While I can’t say I am always 100% happy, I have first-hand experience in understanding that established personal contentment and happiness have a tremendous positive impact on your success both in life and in business.

Happiness and Success | Personal and Professional Satisfaction

I heard a saying that keeps working its way into my life through the plethora of wonderful, motivated, successful and happy people that I meet on a daily basis, including Building Careers’ wonderful consultant, Julia. The saying is “Don’t just do what you love. Do what you love that loves you back.” This is truly the secret to success and happiness because if you love something and you are meant to be doing it in that it comes naturally to you, you will exemplify that passion and skill in every aspect of your business.

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Originally published by Peter Economy on Inc.com on January 27, 2016.

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