Economist Warns to Brace for Recession

Fast-Paced City View I Economis Forecast and the future of the United States

Interesting insight into the US’s economic future at NAIOP San Diego’s economic breakfast. Knowing what may be coming down the pike in a few years can help you make smarter business decisions now. Get the right people in place now to carry your company into the future.

Dr. Alan Beaulieu warns of a slight recession in 2019 and a larger depression 15 years from now. However, his message was not all gloom and doom. He highlighted all of the opportunities there are to prosper in down economies if you keep your eyes out for arbitrage situations and position yourself and your company accordingly. Read the summary of Dr. Alan Beaulieu’s presentation here: Economic Forecast.

Originally published by Carrie Rossenfeld in Globe Street on November 24, 2015.

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