Does My Recruiter Hate Me? 5 Mistakes Easily Avoided

Having that serendipitous moment where you leave a client meeting about a new position and you immediately have a candidate in mind that would be a skill, personality, and culture fit is an amazing feeling. That feeling that you are making a positive difference in someone’s life amplifies when you communicate this position to the candidate and can guide them through the interview and offer process. Making that match and seeing the joy and satisfaction on both the company and new employee’s side is why we recruiters do what we do.

In order for us headhunters to work our career matchmaking magic, it also helps tremendously when candidates have an idea of what their ideal position would entail. When you speak to and meet with recruiters, have an idea of both what you like and are not so fond of as far as work environment, company size, team dynamic, and work products. Being about to articulate how your background and previous experience makes you the best person for your target position prioritizes you in the mind of a recruiter.

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Ken and Vicky have been in the recruiting game a long time, and they offer a great perspective that candidates might not be aware of regarding a recruiter’s role.

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Does My Recruiter Hate Me? 5 Mistakes Easily Avoided

Originally published by Ken Schmitt and Vicky Willenberg on August 4, 2015

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