25 Things to do After Work

things to do after work

At this point, I think everyone is burnt out on blabbering about burnout. And as much as you’re likely invested in and value your work, sometimes (and often!) you need to take a break. “Working for the Weekend” is a banger of a song, but it’s no way to live a life! The ways you engage — or disengage — after work are critical for your well-being. Think about it: Your after-work time shouldn’t be defined simply as the time after working ends. There are countless ways to maximize your time after work! Here are 25 things to do after work to make your post-work evenings (aka your 5-9) feel a little more like carefree weekends.

  1. Refresh your location, whether that looks like walking around the block, commuting home, or simply switching rooms. Just get the heck away from where you were working and enjoy an environmental reset.
  2. Meet a friend at your favorite cozy bar’s happy hour and make it home in time to relax and unwind. Friend’s tied up? Grab a book and indulge in a solo martini or mocktail.
  3. Pop into a store that’s not a typical stop along your rotation and thus feels more like a treat.
  4. Start tackling that big home project you’ve been putting off. Even if you only have time to tape up your borders and can’t actually start painting walls until Saturday, putting a dent in the prep work adds up.
  5. Treat yourself to an ice cream. Craft homemade sundaes or try a new flavor with creative toppings at a parlor.
  6. Head to the movie theater and snack on popcorn and candy for dinner. Everything in moderation!
  7. Take your workout outside. Find a spot in the yard, on the sidewalk, or at a park and work through your typical routine in the fresh air.
  8. Spend time working on a creative hobby. Try out some low-stakes painting, sketching, cross-stitch, or collage. It’s not about the end result, but rather the process of letting time fade away while you focus on creativity for creativity’s sake.
  9. Indulge in a hot shower or long bath, pop on clean pajamas, and then switch out your sheets for a fresh set. Light a soothing candle and unwind in the flame’s glow.
  10. Embrace your inner kid. Cook one of your favorite childhood meals (or grab some of your favorite childhood snacks) and watch a notable film or series from your youth. I’m talking about Capri Suns and “A League of Their Own.” I’m talking about a bowl of Apple Jacks cereal and “Clarissa Explains It All” (on Paramount Plus!).
  11. Museums frequently offer free or discounted admission on certain weeknights. Make a night of your visit.

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