Looking to Support Your Working Parent Employees? Here’s How!

working parent employees

Working parents are still struggling post-pandemic. According to Pew Research, about half of them said the pandemic has made it harder to manage childcare responsibilities. Working mothers in particular, reported experiencing professional hurdles such as feeling like they couldn’t give 100% at work or needing to reduce their work hours due to parenting responsibilities.

Even as the country has returned to pre-COVID protocols, working parents and employees with family responsibilities are still dealing with COVID complications, such as long absences from work and school when someone in the family gets COVID. This is in addition to everything else that parents and caregivers are juggling.

If you’re looking for ways to retain and support your working parent employees and caregivers, here are some benefits you might consider:

Flexible Options

It can’t be stated enough: flexibility is crucial for anyone managing responsibilities outside of work, whether that’s children, aging parents, or even a pet. Unless you’re a business that requires dealing with customers or on-site work, giving working parent employees the freedom to complete their work on a schedule that works for them is a key benefit.

Stipend for Remote Work

A stipend that allows your workers to purchase supplies that make it easier for them to work remotely can increase their efficiency at home and make things easier. For instance, a parent working from home could benefit from things like a divider, noise-canceling headphones, a good microphone, or even a seat cushion that makes their chair more comfortable.

Offer Flexible Time

COVID-19 hasn’t gone away completely and may have a resurgence. With COVID absences requiring at least five days at home, workers can go through their sick days in record time. For instance, an employee may have to leave work just to pick up a child from school who’s tested positive for COVID.

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