6 Employee Appreciation Gifts And Ideas

You’ve got one of the best teams around, and they work pretty hard for you. But amid all that hard work, it can be easy to forget to recognize your employees or show them your appreciation for their efforts.

It’s important to reward employees for a job well done, especially when many people might still be struggling with the effects of pandemic fatigue. Recognition can make employees feel appreciated, and it shows someone that their work matters. And a little workplace appreciation can go a long way toward boosting employee morale — maybe even more so with the current state of the world.

Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated annually on the first Friday in March, but you don’t have to limit the recognition to a single day! We’ve compiled a list of ideas you can use to show your team some love on Employee Appreciation Day and beyond.

Employee Appreciation Gifts and Ideas

1. Give everyone on your team a small allowance for a few desk or work-from-home upgrades. Items like standing desks, desk organizers, or even a new coffee mug can provide a welcome change of pace.

2. Show your appreciation by prioritizing the health of your employees. Try having juices and wellness shots from a local company delivered to your team to promote workplace wellness.

3. Treat everyone to a fun company activity. If your team feels comfortable, try out things like bowling and laser tag. For those who’d prefer social distancing activities, try enjoying virtual karaoke or bingo for virtual team bonding via Zoom.

4. Survey employees to learn their favorite self-care products or services. You can use that to provide your team with a curated self-care package to use at their leisure.

5. Plan a virtual happy hour or dinner for your team, and arrange for the food and beverages to be delivered directly to your employees. As an employer, it’s always nice to foot all or part of the bill if you’re able.

6. Surprise your team with a picnic-style lunch. Cater the food from one of the team’s favorite local restaurants if you’re in the office, or have your remote employees order their favorite take-out meal. In-person, remote, and hybrid teams can all enjoy lunch outside together (weather permitting) thanks to Zoom and other video conferencing platforms.

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