8 Do’s and Don’ts for Graduate Job Seekers

The job market is pretty dismal for anyone who is unemployed — especially if you’re graduating soon. This article will spill all the do’s and don’ts to help you successfully find a job when you graduate.

So, you’ve graduated (or the time is quickly approaching) and you’re already worried about what’s going to happen next. How am I ever going to find a job? What do I even want to do? Don’t fret yet! The truth is: no one knows what they want to do. Sometimes it really takes a lot of trial and error to find your raison d’etre. What is in your control are the actions you can take that ensure you will excel. Let’s get to it…

  • Do summer internships or volunteer work

Internships and voluntary work — whatever the weather — they look great on your CV. This shows employers that you’re taking initiative, that you’re driven and keen to learn new skills. This experience also provides an insight into whether you will actually enjoy the role on a full-time basis, rather than just theoretically.

You can find programs for 2 weeks or up to 6 months, with some paid opportunities. If you’re considering roles in writing, social media or tech, internships can be the clincher that gets you the job. The aim is to plan ahead and make your life easier when you apply for roles in the future.

  • Don’t apply for jobs you’re going to hate

A job is a 9-5 commitment. There is nothing worse than waking up every morning filled with dread for the day ahead — seriously.

Make sure you do cherry-pick and filter for jobs that you will actually enjoy. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time for both you and your potential employer. Direct your energy into making your applications stand out for select jobs, not just anything you see. That’s not sustainable nor helpful for your job hunt.

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