Get the Job You Want with These 8 Proven Networking Tips

Whether you’re in a dead-end job, on the beach, or targeting your dream job, these networking tips are your key to landing the job you want.

Yes, it’s a candidate’s job market right now. If you’re looking for a better job, now is a good time. If you’re unemployed, there are great CRE jobs out there waiting for you. Maybe you’re currently employed, but not engaged. A recent Gallup poll showed that around the world only about 15% of the workforce truly likes their job.

So, how do you access that vibrant job market, tap in, and get the role you really want? You’ve taken the necessary steps to properly brand yourself for your dream job, you’ve updated your resume, and you’ve identified target companies and roles to pursue. Now what?

Try These Networking Tips to Get the Results You Want

While there may be numerous available positions right now, it’s a unique time to begin a job search. Networking isn’t as easy as it once was. You want to put your best foot forward and be strategic about this. So, what’s the silver bullet? How do you make the most of this time of opportunity and network like a boss?

1. Connect with Alumni

Social get-togethers are still limited right now, but many universities have transitioned to virtual networking events. Sharing an alma mater is a strong connection that can be leveraged to uncover and explore new work opportunities. And don’t wait for virtual events. Reach out to alumni on social media – especially those working at your dream companies or in your ideal career path.

2. Discuss Goals with Friends & Family Start with those already close to you. Discuss your ambitions and goals with your friends and family. Maybe your dream job is right under your nose. Ask! Ask those closest to you who they know who might be helpful or involved in a similar position or have a connection with a particular company.

3. Ask for an Informational Interview One of these least known networking tips is to reach out to your preferred companies, even if the role is currently filled, and ask for an informational interview. Ask the hiring manager for information about company culture, required skills, and key traits to underscore in a potential interview should the position open.

4. Put Yourself Out There Seriously. Just talk. Reach out to people you already know, someone pumping gas next to you, people you meet at the gym. Be cordial. Mention that you’re in the middle of a job search. Ask them what they do, who they know. Be friendly and open a conversation. That’s what networking is!

5. Get Contact Info

None of the above networking tips matter much if you don’t follow up. Ask for an email address or phone number. Reach back out in a week or so to nurture the relationship and inquire about any changes on their horizon.

6. Get Serious About Social Networking is especially challenging in these times when face-to-face contact is limited. And there are so many spammers on social media. So, there is an opportunity for you to stand out. Reach out to former professors, colleagues, or potential hiring managers. Don’t pitch yet. Just open the conversation, and then try for a phone call.

7. Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

Develop a 30-second explanation of what you’re looking for and what you can offer a company. Rehearse it. Your elevator pitch must be pre-written and comfortable. You want to be ready on the fly when a chance networking encounter pops up.

8. Volunteer

This may be the most overlooked of these networking tips, but it can be very powerful. There are so many causes in need of your help. Your ability to be a rock star just by showing up and helping out are immense. If you are dedicated to volunteer causes, it’s likely that you are also the type of person that will excel at work. These events present immense potential for opening new relationships and growing your network rapidly.

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