How To: Maximize Your Resume Without Being Dishonest

Your resume has a single task— catch the eye of the recruiter and get you shortlisted from a bunch of qualified candidates. It is not an autobiography, but a sales pitch telling a story in a visually appealing manner, while highlighting key elements to get a favorable decision. It is not based on lies or fiction that can destroy your career. Here’s how you can maximize your resume without being dishonest.

Narrate your Experience

This is a sure way to maximize your resume. The recruiter is interested in what you can achieve and not in the job description of your previous role. So, don’t speak about how you were responsible for sales. Talk about reducing costs by 10% instead of being responsible for budgeting. Use a common XYZ format to share your story—in situation X, I did Y to achieve Z. For example, established the first overseas office, contributing 10% to the company’s revenue in Year 1.

What to Include

Make your story relevant and not comprehensive. Tailor your resume to the job description provided. Talk about latest job first —in reverse chronological order and keep education below work experience. Include your hobbies only if you are a fresher and can showcase your extracurricular achievements instead of professional experience. If you have 15 to 30 years of work experience, club the first 10-20 years under a single heading. To share additional details, include your LinkedIn profile, your website containing your design portfolio or your finance blog that demonstrates your market expertise and reputation.

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