How to Be a Leader During COVID19

Everyone is looking up at the CEOs, at the principals and directors, at the presidents and project managers, and thinking, “Uh-oh. They’re just as clueless as me.” And it’s true.

No matter how prepared some people may have been, nobody has ever done this particular thing before. For the past few months, everyone in power has been fumbling, trying to come up with a plan, trying to reassure the people around them, and trying to figure out what happens next. It’s scary to be a leader during COVID19.

That is a nerve-racking test, especially because leaders feel uncertain, frightened, exhausted, and alone too. But as uncomfortable as those feelings are, they actually serve as a guide for how to lead right now.

When you feel uncertain, you want a plan. When you feel frightened, you want kindness. When you are exhausted, you want recognition and motivation. When you are alone, you want companionship and camaraderie.

Those feelings and anxieties are universal right now. For leaders, that’s good news. While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach for leading through this crisis, this is a shared experience, and that provides a fairly clear-cut rubric for offering support to the people around you. Here’s a list of how to be a leader during COVID19

Create A Game Plan

Not a grand plan. Just a plan to get through tomorrow, and the next day. Pick one reasonable goal to accomplish, and then assign everyone you lead a task that will contribute toward it. Land one new client, finish one project, clean one room in the house—everyone (including you) will feel better with a single, simple objective. When one task is complete or one goal accomplished, find another.

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