Hiring projections for 2020?

Hiring projections for 2020? Overwhelmingly, studies predict 2020 hiring will remain relatively unchanged year over year. Looking back on the last election year, 2016, the January Effect from budgets at full force and the mentality of New Year New Job will jump start 2020, as it did in the very lucrative 2016. Q1 bonuses will keep the momentum going with people who have cashed out and are at the point in their career a change is needed. April bonuses for young Analysts and Associates cause the yearly Bonus>Boom>Gone force as they move up to make way for the next crop of newbies. As we approach the 2020 election hiring will begin to pause if 2016 is any model. The real estate industry like the stock market thrives on certainty. The media will revel in signs of a recession as the slow down progresses. But if 2020 is like 2016, after the election and everyone has 2 weeks to process the results, hiring will make up for lost time. Susan Phillips, CEO, SelectLeaders Job Network.

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