That’s a wrap on a terrific 2018 for Building Careers

It has been an extraordinary year for job candidates in the real estate industry, and as a result an exciting one for Julia and me.

In 2018, we formed relationships with many exceptional managers, analysts, developers, and acquisitions professionals at different stages of their career. They came to us knowing the kind of job opportunities they were seeking and were clear in what they could offer Southern California real estate companies in terms of skills, expertise and experience. It was refreshing to work with so many talented and focused professionals.

The trend that stuck out the most in this “year of the employee’s market” is that our professional lives and our careers are very much dictated by how we approach our personal lives. And it’s a good thing.

This year, job candidates knew what job they wanted, based on not only their professional needs and interests – salary, title and team structure – but also on their personal ones – flexible work environment, social responsibility, tangible benefits. In a world where our professional and personal lives are so intertwined, it’s no surprise that they should impact our important career decisions.

When a job candidate chooses a job with career-life understanding and balance, it all but guarantees higher job satisfaction. When a company hires a qualified candidate who can do the job and has chosen to work for them for the right reasons, it leads to healthy collaboration and company success. While it may mean the job candidate is at a higher compensation level, what she or he will deliver is worth the added time, energy and any added financial investment.

Seeing this kind of self-awareness and synergy in the hiring process more than ever this year, not only made our job easier, but it also made us feel encouraged about the long-term success of our industry and community.

I am grateful for the individuals and companies who put their trust in us in 2018. We had the privilege of helping to establish more new relationships, partnerships and teams than ever before. And, I personally can’t wait to see just what you all accomplish in 2019.

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