Finding the right employees for the team Part I: Who is out there to hire?

It looks good for companies wanting to hire new employees and fill open positions in commercial real estate this Fall. There appears to be a variety of qualified, ambitious and optimistic job candidates looking for jobs in and around the SoCal market, particularly in five key industry areas.

Of course our goal at Building Careers is always to match the right professional with the right company, but we thought we would share a little of what we have been seeing lately as you finalize budgets, gear up for the end of the year push, and possibly look to effectively add to or strengthen your team.

Property Management

Property managers coming our way lately tend to possess more senior-level expertise in asset strategy and operations management. They have solid financial experience overseeing a range of portfolio sizes as well as hands-on management of third party and service provider relationships to ensure compliance with property management policies and procedures, codes, regulations and government agency directives. Yardi and MRI are on the resumes, too!


Many college graduates with bachelor’s degrees in accounting and finance are in search of analyst positions. They are looking to gain experience supporting acquisitions and development teams while bringing their education (and enthusiasm) to the table to develop and maintain financial models and perform industry data research. Not to be overlooked are the analysts coming from the lending side. They have proven their underwriting and analytical abilities and many are looking to apply those skills to the principal side.


We are working with acquisition candidates at all levels, and especially those with Director level knowledge. They understand that it’s currently a tight market and can offer their connections to off-market opportunities and aptitude for creative value-add plays. If you have capital to deploy and are actively investing, I’d encourage you to keep an open mind for opportunistic hires on the acquisitions side.

Business Development

If you are looking to add to your business development and sales team, we are seeing a number of senior-level business development professionals who are entrepreneurial in nature (of course) and interested in making a job move. They have the expertise to contribute in the areas of business growth, capital sourcing, marketing and industry relations. Many have backgrounds in real estate, operations and finance and have solid experience identifying beneficial business and investment opportunities.

Career Transition

Let’s face it, our industry is an exciting and prosperous one! So who wouldn’t want to join us? We have been assisting many newcomers to the industry who have transferable backgrounds and are looking to move into commercial real estate. This is a terrific opportunity for organizations to consider hiring an out-of-industry professional with many relevant skills and the potential to offer fresh, new strategic thinking and perspective.

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