A Women’s Place is Slowly But Surely Becoming Apparent in Commercial Real Estate

I recently heard Hamid Moghadam, CEO of Prologis, speak at Burnham-Moores 22nd Annual Real Estate Conference. He ended the conversation by discussing his company’s policies to increase the number of women across all departments. It was empowering to hear that a company with such a presence on the world commercial real estate stage has specific policies to promote women. Many more companies and countless organizations have pledged to be champions and advocates of women in the commercial real estate space. We are proud to work with a number of clients who make this diversity a focus in order to compliment their already successful businesses with women that can take their companies to the next level.

Women in Construction | Commercial Real Estate Construction

These changes are even taking place on construction sites. Construction sites and careers have a reputation that has not historically been conducive to women. Read here about the incredible organizations across the country who are working tirelessly to promote diversity in the trades.

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