Starting 2018 with Gratitude

It’s the people we share the important moments with that truly impact our lives. They challenge us to be the best we can be and to get better at what we do and how we do it. As I wrap up the year and reflect on what I have experienced and learned over the past twelve months (now an annual tradition), this is what I take with me into 2018…

Gratitude for the exceptional job candidates and companies that put your trust in us and gave Building Careers your business. The relationship between a recruiter and a client isn’t always a slam dunk. But what I can tell you is when the partnership is collaborative and transparent, the investment is well worth it.

This past year, the Building Careers team has enjoyed working with your organizations in positions ranging from real estate asset management executives to vice president-level construction and development managers and everything in between. Many of you challenged us to look at your professional and business needs in new and different ways and to put any assumptions aside. When we did, the recruitment process was more efficient and the end result was more successful.

Family comes first and my daughter, born in April, reminds me of that every day. It has been a whirlwind ever since she came into our world and balancing a family, a business and running a household has taught me a whole new level of patience and gratitude. Ultimately, every night, before my head hits the pillow, my husband and I tuck our beautiful little girl into bed (hopefully in one go!) and I reset my worries and priorities and I smile. I am now a mom thanks to her and she deserves everything I’ve got!

This past year you saw a lot more of the Building Careers team – Julia Turpit and Regan Shouldis – so you know just what they’re made of. Delegation doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Me included! However, this was my year to ‘manage by letting go,’ and I had to step outside of my comfort zone to do it. Julia and Regan pretty much ran the show from April to July and did an outstanding job. The bar has been raised and we are well positioned for a productive and exciting 2018.

The real estate industry will continue to evolve in 2018 with a sharper focus on emerging technologies, the need for faster and more accurate data access to allow for improved tenant service, rapidly changing tenant dynamics, customer demographic shifts, talent nurturing and company culture. We are ready and continue to develop expert solutions by working from the viewpoint of the client community we are so fortunate to represent.

Thank you. Happy holidays to you and your loved ones. See you next year!

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