Prepare For a Successful Interview with These Eight Tips – Part I

Before the Interview

Navigating your career in today’s job market takes strategic persistence and a lot of patience. So when you actually do manage to get “a foot in the door” and time on someone’s very busy calendar, it’s important to fully prepare yourself for the best interview possible. Here are some recommendations we typically run through with candidates to address before the interview.

1. Research the Company and Interviewer

To start, look up information on the person conducting the interview and on the company’s website. Then search for any reports or news articles about the company. It is important for you to know about the place you are applying for so that you can make your skills and experience relevant to them.

2. Look Over the Details of the Job

Make sure you have a firm grasp on the requirements of the position. That way, you can be prepared to share examples of your training and skills that relate specifically to the job description.

3. Come Prepared with a Few Questions

Allow the person interviewing to be in charge of the discussion, but try to ask a few questions. Be sure the questions reflect your commitment and desire to work for the company.

4. Practice the Interview with Someone

Doing a trial run of an interview will help you feel more confident in your answers. It will also help you work out the kinks of your delivery. Rehearse with someone who will give you honest feedback so that you can do your best during the real interview.

5. Edit Your Social Media Profiles

Before choosing who to hire, it is common for companies to look up public information about potential candidates. Therefore, it is important that you privatize or get rid of any tasteless or embarrassing references, pictures, etc.

6. Bring Multiple Copies of Your Resume

Resumes need to be proofread and look professional. Even though you have already submitted your resume to the company, bring a copy for each person that you will be speaking with during the interview.

7. No Cellphones

Even while you are waiting to be interviewed, turn off your cell phone or leave it in the car. It is unprofessional to use it or allow it to distract you during an interview.

8. Dress in a Professional Manner

Last but certainly not least, no matter where you have the interview, or what the company’s dress code is, make sure to look professional. A suit, tie, and dress shoes for men or similar attire for women will make a great first impression and help you look successful. Don’t forget to shave and brush/groom your hair.

By following these eight preparation tips, you can feel confident when going on your interview. Click here to learn more about how to best conduct yourself during (Part II) and after (Part III) an interview.

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