San Diego’s Millennials Want Food and Fitness – Building Careers’ President Moderates RealSh

Carly Glova, Building Careers’ President had the honor of sharing the stage with a fantastic panel at the ALM RealShare Conference Series San Diego last week. #RSSD

SAN DIEGO—In addition to reliable public transportation and transit from hubs to the beach, affordable housing and a sense of community, Millennials here seek satisfying food options, fitness facilities and showers in the workplace, say panelists at RealShare San Diego

Glova got to the bottom of what talent is looking for in company culture and office space. Hot topics were leadership that “walks the talk”, innovative technology, office amenities (including showers and nap rooms!), inspirational art, mixed use space, and a large corporate presence.

What is your company doing to attract and retain millennial talent?

RealShare San Diego Creative Inspiration Panel

Creative inspiration panel, from left: Carly Glova with Building Careers, Monique Williamson with Deskhub, Jackie Greulich with Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate, Seth Shaw with Wrike, and John Martinez with architecture firm Carrier Johnson + CULTURE

Special thanks to CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women) San Diego!

Read about the event coverage here: SD’s Millennials Want Food and Fitness

Published in by Carrie Rossenfeld on May 20, 2016

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