Best Places to Work 2016

Successful Teamwork I Employee Engagement and Benefits

These lists always fascinate me because they are determined by people who have voluntarily taken time out of their day to give a positive review.

So many of the reviews I see are negative rants about a rude customer service rep. Rarely do you see a sparkling review about a friendly, stellar customer service experience. Why when we have a negative experience do we want to get the word out there? Is it to look for consolation and commiseration with others in the same boat? Maybe when we have good experiences, instead of shouting that from the roof tops, we’d prefer to keep that gem to ourselves. Heck, the more people that get this great experience, the harder that person/company will have to work to keep it up.

Either way, the companies on this list are doing something right. They know how to treat their employees, who are the engine behind most of these successful machines. In creating this list, Glassdoor asked employees to rank their companies in categories including culture and values, compensation and benefits, career opportunities, and work-life balance. See who made it to the top! Is your dream employer on this list?,19.htm

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