7 Tips on How to Make a Good Impression in an Interview

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When preparing for an interview, don’t solely review your prior roles, but make sure to identify specific results that you produced and how the skills that you used to create those results translate into what you can bring to the company.

The company you are interviewing with wants to make sure you fit their specific brand, so research their company and culture as well to be prepared.

I put together some of my own interview tips that I will share in a future post, but the below list is a great place to start regarding what to keep i nmind when going into an interview.

1. Craft a brilliant narrative

2. Take strategic pauses during your conversation

3. Don’t take it too seriously

4. Think deeply about your core values

5. Don’t recite your resume. They already have it.

6. The weakness question.

7. Think about the company values.

This article provides additional tips on how to leave a good impression in your interview.


Originally published in the Huffington Post by Margaret Olatunbosun on September 14, 2015

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